Bi-Part Sliding Door

R-Plus Bi-Part Sliding Doors come in both manual and electric models, with or without personnel doors to facilitate quick personnel access. Standard bi-parting doors are available in sizes up to 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide, consult the factory for larger sizes.

Typical applications for R-Plus Bi-Part Sliding Doors include high traffic environments in processing plants, busy interior doorways in cold storage facilities, exterior docks with heavy lift truck activity, and areas where pallet jack or walk-through traffic exists.

Manual Doors
Manual doors can be parted in any order to allow easy personnel pass through. These doors use a true horizontal track with lubricated rollers to ensure the doors slide easily. Features Include:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Installation – job-site adjustment flexibility
  • Heavy-Duty Track Assembly and Hardware
  • Guide System – ensures an airtight seal and reduces gasket wear along the top and bottom edges
  • Class 1 CFC-Free Foam Insulation
  • Camlocked Door Sections – allows easy replacement in the event of damage
  • Water Resistant Side Frames – PVC insulated base
  • Replaceable Heater Cable – does not require removal of door from track
  • Easily Removable Closed Cell Gasket – provides an airtight seal

Powered Doors
Powered doors feature a high-speed parting action, with heavy-duty track, rollers, and hanger bar available on large doorway installations. Features include all Manual Door features, plus:

  • Rapid Open/Close – up to 42 inches per second
  • Self-Calibrating Open and Close Set Feature – door sets its own limits on power hook-up
  • Easy Set-Up – all adjustments are made with external controls
  • Digital Text Display – provides easy to read interface
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop – avoids destructive acceleration and deceleration sequences
  • Doors Stay Shut – uses motor torque to ensure an airtight seal in the closed position
  • Single Drive Sprocket – no secondary chains and sprockets
  • Standard, Readily Available Components – no waiting for special manufacturing cycles during repair or maintenance
  • Proven Performance – field tested through over 1,000,000 cycles
  • Low Maintenance – auto alert when maintenance is needed
Bi-Part Sliding Door
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